Quick Start


1. Install Go:

Install the latest version of Go from here.

Note: Korok requires at least Go version 1.8 (for best Cgo performance).

2. Install korok:

$ go get korok.io/korok

Note: Dependencies is installed automatically when you use go get command, these are:

If you can't install it successfully, read this wiki.

Hello World

1. Create a file: main.go

2. Copy the following code:

    package main

    import (

    type MainScene struct {

    func (m *MainScene) OnEnter(g *game.Game) {

    func (m *MainScene) Update(dt float32) {
        dbg.DrawStr(180, 160, "Hello World")

    func (*MainScene) OnExit() {

    func main() {
        // Run game
        options := &korok.Options{
            Title: "Hello, Korok Engine",
            Width: 480,
        korok.Run(options, &MainScene{})

3. Run the code with go run main.go, your first Korok app works!

Learn more from the Demo Project.